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Vegan black quinoa parfait with chia pudding

I came across quinoa about four years ago when I started my health journey. Being vegan, has opened me up to an array of  and variety of foods. My palate has changed a lot to the point that I’m using very minimal salt in my cookings.  I have always eaten quinoa as a savory meal and never thought of having it as a sweet meal or for breakfast.

black quinoa parfait

This parfait can be made overnight and tucked away in the refrigertor and eaten as breakfast while on the go or at work. Quinoa is such an amazing and popular seed due to its high nutritional value. It is a complete protein and a great wheat- free alternative. The first time I saw black quinioa I was curious and amazed about the things I could create with it.  I have made quinoa flour from  black quinoa which I have made flat bread, pancakes, and banana bread from.



Overnight oats

Chia pudding

Cooked black quinoa


Plant based blue berry yoghurt


Agave syrup

Clip top glass jar or mason jar

vegan quinoa parfait


chia pudding parfait, vegan quinoa parfait

vegan parfait


cook your quinoa for 10 -15 minutes on low heat. Let your quinoa cool down and set aside.

soak your chia seeds in any plant based milk of your choice and refrigerate  for 4-5 hours to set.

Prepare your overnight.

Combine your pomegranate, yoghurt and quinoa.

Slice your figs thinly and set aside.

Place your figs  on the corners of your jar.

Scoop  your chia pudding into the glass jar and level it up with a spoon.

Add your combined pomegranate, yoghurt and quinoa in a bowl to your chia pudding layer.

Scoop your overnight oats onto the quiona-yoghurt layer and top with figs.


***I have added figs and blue berry yoghurt to this parfait but , it can be alternated with any fuit of choice or with plain yoghurt.





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