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Things we take for granted


Most of us take almost everything around us for granted and feel self-entitled. This attitude has made most of us develop a tunnel vision against the blessings around us. We throw caution to the wind and expect everything to be the same as always or even better. We live a life where we throw tantrums at the most silliest discomfort forgetting that the little discomfort which we are feeling is someone else’s reality. A reality which they have to endure for as long as they remain on the face of planet earth.

taking things for granted

For a couple of weeks now, I have been finding it hard to sleep all through the night. My loved ones know how much I love my sleep. If permitted, I could sleep all day and still sleep all night. I find sleep as a means of escape from noise and a way to rejuvenate my mind and body.

I usually go to bed at 8:30 or even 9pm and wake up at 5 am to begin my day. But for the past few weeks, I find myself tossing in my sleep and becoming wide awake by 4:00 am. Some people might consider this alright as it’s almost 7 hours of sleep. Personally, I would’nt  consider that ok due to the fact that the quality of sleep which I was getting wasn’t good enough.

When I realised that this could be my reality for however long the sleepless nights were going to last for, I began to search for reasons. I did a scan through my diet to check if there was anything new I had added that was causing this. I did a session of soul serching and found nothing.

while I was still wondering what could have caused the sleepless nights, I decided to see some positive aspect in it. Since I was waking up very early, I started observing my morning prayers and mediation early. There was something magical  which I noticed about this time of the morning. My assimilation level of information was at a high speed level, whatever I read stuck with me all day. I felt so much bliss during these hours that I didn’ want the sun to rise.

At the end of the day yesterday, I laid on my bed and did a bit of reflection just before closing my eyes off to sleep. I thought about how many of us take sleeping/sleep for granted. It’s easy for most of us to to jump on our beds at the end of the day and doze off. But there are countless people in the world who find it hard to sleep at night or cannot fall asleep without the aid of sleeping pills or nerve calming meds.

The next time you are about to lay your head at night, think about those who are struggling to find sleep, before you complain about your pillow not being fluffy enough, think about those who have no pillows or use stones for pillows. Also, don’t forget about those who sleep on bare floor and still find joy in their lives with every rising sun.

All in all, It took about five weeks to get back to my normal sleeep pattern. However, I learned a couple of lessons during this period.

  1. To appreciate the times I would just close my eyes and fall deep into the abyss of sleep and magically find myself waking up at 5am.
  2. To constantly remember to appreciate what I have, give gratitude and remember that things are finite.
  3. Not take anything for granted, no matter how little it may seem.
  4. To learn to find gratitude in everything around me.
  5. Find the positive in every situation, harness it and use it to my own advantage.
  6. Find joy in all I have around me today because in the blink of an eye everything can change.


“When it comes to life the critical thing is whether you take things for granted or take them with gratitude” – Gilbert Keith Chesterton

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