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The art of having a deep conversation

deep conversationA deep conversation is a form of talk, where the parties involved are passionate about what is being discussed. Deep conversation adds value to the lives of  those involved and makes them want to think deeper. There is nothing I find as stimulating as having deep quality conversation with people. Personally,I love deep thinkers. My love for having deep conversation stems from the curiousity and yearning that lies in me to always seek knowledge. The most essential knowledge which has helped me through life are not the ones that I have  gained in the classroom but rather the ones  gained from conversing with random strangers. Do not get me wrong, school is important but the knowledge which we need in order to survive in life isn’t learned in school.

I enjoy conversing with people and having deep human connection. I love conversations that has depth and not the itsy-bitsy shallow ones. As an individual, I have a strong interest in cultures, time, life, nature, our existence on earth, travels and history. These are all topics I enjoy talking about with people. I have had conversations with strangers that have opened my mind to understanding life better and knowing that whatever situation we might be going through in life, we are not in it alone.

The benefits of having deep conversation as opposed to a shallow one is that it helps to stimulate the mind to think quick and also absorb knowledge. This eventually adds up to our bank of knowledge as this kind of engagement helps to expand the mind. Striking up a conversation with random strangers makes me feel more connected to my source. I find that we are all similar and go through similar life experiences. But again, often times I ask myself this question ” If we are all very similar and come from the same source, then why are we so apart ?” . Threre have been times that I would try to begin a conversation with people but they would seem so distant and out of tune with life. I have also met others who just don’t know how to have a deep conversation.

I have met amazing souls whom I have now become good friends with from random conversation. What drew me to these people  was the nature of the conversation we had on our first meeting, their level of openness and how I felt after our talk. One thing that I can certainly say is that a lot of people out there enjoy having deep conversation and yearn for people to talk with. But the fear of being judged, rejected or categorized as weired is what’s stopping most of these people.  Sometimes, these thoughts are created in our heads in a bid to limit us. But again if people judge us , so what! being judged is not the end of the world. I am an advocate for doing whatever brings me happiness without letting people’s opinion stop me from living my truth.

I believe that every individual is much more deeper than what they let others see on the outside. We need to tap into the deepest inner side of  our being, open up our hearts and flourish from within. On the flipside, there is a large number of individuals that enjoy having shallow conversation such as gossip, unending complaints or  tearing other people down. These sort of conversation only breeds negativity and creates a block in the lives of theses people. This ultimately makes it hard for such people to connect to their true being. Personally, If a conversation isnt adding value to my life or helping me align with my source or truth then I do not like to take part in it.

How to begin a deep conversation.

  1. Start with a good ice breaker. You can begin by asking questions such as do you live locally? Is this your first time taking the bus? Did you find today’s class interesting? How long have you been practicing for e.t.c.
  2. Show genuine interest when the person you are conversing with speaks. Being a good listener and showing signs of interest in the conversation only makes the conversation get deeper where both speakers  begin to get comfortable and  open up.
  3. Ask open ended questions. Do not ask questions that will lead to a yes or no answer. Such questions will only put a block on the flow of conversation. Ask questions such as “how would you describe your personality?”
  4. Share personal experiences, the more personal experiences you  share during a conversation the more interesting and intentense the conversation gets.
  5. Be open-minded and non-judgemental.



” If they make you feel rejuvenated after hanging out with them, give them more of your time ” -Yung Pueblo


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