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Pumpkin soup with dairy free yoghurt

vegan pumpkin soup, pumpkin served in pumpkin shell,

One of the things I love most about autumn or the fall season is the abundance of squash and pumpkins. I also love the colour of autumn, there’s something warming about it. Lately, I have been enjoying a lot of soups and trying out various recipes with pumpkins. I have made a smoothie bowl out of butter nut squash which I totally enjoyed. Yesterday, I also attempted a pumpkin nice cream which was out of this world. Today, I have decided to make a spicy pumpkin soup with plant based yoghurt instead of cooking cream. What I like about this soup is its rich velvet texture and guess what? It’s vegan!!!

pumpkin soup made with plant-based yoghurt, vegan soup

Ingredients for pumpkin soup

Medium sized pumpkin

Chopped tomato

Medium sized onion

1 tsp garlic powder

Chilli flakes

Cayenne powder

1 tsp ginger powder

1/2 tsp turmeric powder

fresh thyme

1/2 Dairy free yoghurt

Olive oil

pumpkin served in shell, pumpkin made with plant-based yoghurt


Rinse the body of your pumpkin thoroughly to remove any dirt or impurities

Cut the top pat of your pumpkin and set aside

scoop out seeds and fibres (you can keep the seeds and roast them to snack on later)

Brush the inside of your pumpkin with olive oil as well as the inner part of the pumpkin lid

Place  your pumpkin and lid face down on a baking sheet. Let it cook for 45 minutes at 150 degrees celcius in the oven. Cooking the pumpkin face down will enable it cook from the inside.

When the pumpkin looks soft and cooked, carefully scoop out the fleshy part of your pumpkin (take care not to pierce through the pumkin skin as you scoop out the flesh).

Put your pumpkin shell and lid aside as it will be used to serve the soup

In a separate pan combine your tomato and onion with a dash of water and let it cook for 5 minutes

Add your ginger , garlic, cayenne, turmeric, black pepper powder and two sprigs of thyme to your onion and tomato mix. Let it cook for 3 minutes.

Pour in half a cup of water to loosen the mix in the pan. Add pumpkin flesh with chilli flakes and salt. Cover and let simmer for 5 minutes.

By now, your pumpkin would have combined perfectly with the spices. Pour your combination of cooked pumpkin and spices with half a cup of dairy free yoghurt in a high speed blender but take out the little removable object attached to the lid (lid plug) and place a towel over it. This is to allow steam to escape and avoid pressure build-up. If you are using a smoothie maker or a blender, take care to open it gently after blending or have a tea towel handy as the pressure build up may cause some of the content to splash as you open it up.

Serve your pumpkin soup in a soup bowl or pumpkin shell and top with roasted pumpkin seeds and thyme. Enjoy!!!

pumpkin soup served in pumpkin, vegan pumpkin soup


I have used water to loosen my you can use vegetable broth as an alternative to water

I have used a regular plant based yoghurt, you can use coconut cream if you desire.




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