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Green juice for glowing skin


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There has been a lot of buzz about green juice in the health and fitness industry. But are you aware that making green juice is as easy as ABC contrary to how most people make it seem? The truth is that you do not need some super fancy  juicer before you can reap all the amazing health benefits of green juice. Do not get me wrong, if you can afford a fancy juicer its all good I have one

My road to self-discovery

self-discovery, road to self-discovery, journey to self discovery

What to you understand by self-discovery ? self-discovery is simply a process of learning about yourself and who you truly are. If someone asked you “How well do you know yourself ?”, you would probably say “I know myself very well” without paying attention to what the question really means. Some of us might even take it as an offence and reply in a confrontational manner.

Top 6 meditation tips for beginners

Meditation has been in existence for over thousands of years and is practiced in cultures all over the world. Meditation methods might vary amongst cultures all over the world, but there is a consistent belief that meditation is an important gateway to spiritual development, self- discovery and self- mastery. I have always heard a lot about meditation but had no idea how to meditate until I

Healthiest air fried beetroot crisps plus health benefits of beetroot

beetroot crisps, health benefits of beetroot

The first time I heard about beetroot crisps was mid year 2017  and wondered what the hype was. Out of curiousity and my love for healthy vegan meals and snacks i decided to try it out and it love at first taste. I feel in love with beetroot crisps to the point that it became my regular snack. I love it a lot because it is super healthy, easy to make and free from preservatives. I have always loved

9 simple ways to everlasting happiness

Everyone needs a good dosage of happiness in their lives because happiness is a truly beautiful state of mind and being. When I speak about happiness, I’m not referring to that kind of happiness that stems from acquiring material things because such happiness is a transient one which never lasts. Genuine happiness that springs from within us from a feeling of contentment and

Vegan Panna Cotta with mango and strawberries

Whenever I hear the word panna cotta all I think of is the Italian dessert made with cooked cream and gelatin which unfortunately is not vegan-friendly. But, who says that vegans cannot enjoy a creamy pannacotta too. For you to make your vegan panna cotta, all you need to do is to substitute your gelatin with agar-agar which is a sea vegetable with gelling properties. You will also need to substitute your cream and milk with a plant-based one.

Top 5 ways to use yoga for self discovery

Let’s begin by talking about what yoga means. Personally, I believe that yoga is the union of the body, mind and soul which means to become whole with oneself. For me, yoga has been an exciting life-changing journey which has helped me in becoming a greater version of myself. Whenever I spread out my yoga mat for my practice, I feel a genuine sense of fulfillment and I take every

5 ways to finding calmness

Have you ever tried taking a break in the midst of the hubbub of the day just to find some calmness? If your answer is yes, then I believe that you are on the quest to finding calmness. Calmness is simply a way of finding peace, a way of doing nothing and just being. Want to learn how to get your mind back to calmness and serenity? please read these 5 tips on what I do to achieve calmness.