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Top 5 ways to use yoga for self discovery

Let’s begin by talking about what yoga means. Personally, I believe that yoga is the union of the body, mind and soul which means to become whole with oneself. For me, yoga has been an exciting life-changing journey which has helped me in becoming a greater version of myself. Whenever I spread out my yoga mat for my practice, I feel a genuine sense of fulfillment and I take every

5 ways to finding calmness

Have you ever tried taking a break in the midst of the hubbub of the day just to find some calmness? If your answer is yes, then I believe that you are on the quest to finding calmness. Calmness is simply a way of finding peace, a way of doing nothing and just being. Want to learn how to get your mind back to calmness and serenity? please read these 5 tips on what I do to achieve calmness.