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My road to freedom with yoga

Life is a gift to be lived to the fullest and enjoyed in which ever way we please. It is imperative to take care not to hurt anyone in the process of living. I have never met a soul that does’nt love their freedom. I love my freedom to the point that I do not let anything comprise it. By definition, yoga means to join or unite the mind and body which is what I consider ultimate freedom.

lotus pose, full lotus variation, freedomI have never felt how limitless my freedom is until yoga came into my life. Yoga has been a true blessing in my life. The more time I dedicate to my practice, the more I realise that freedom is around us. Infact, we were all born free. But due to the various forms of conditionings we go through during our formative years, we tend to shed our true essence and become what people around us want us to be. Some of us, including myself grow up thinking we are not good enough or worthy of goodness. Yoga has led me to a path of freedom and helped me to find bliss in my true essence.

Freedom to express myself

The famous singer Madonna once said in her song that “freedom comes when you learn to let go”. I am a true beiever of this phrase. I have been practicing yoga for some years now and have only tasted true freedom when I started presenting my true authentic self to people. Most of us  go through life with lost of baggage hanging over our shoulders. Baggage from failed relationships, unrealised dreams and fear of the unknown. These bagagge when not shed can make us forget who we truly are. Some of us end up embodying what we want others to see rather than what we truly are. Through my yoga practice of asana, meditation, mindfulness and gratitude, I have learned to let go of the things and thoughts that no longer serve me. I feel at peace with my self knowing who I am .

Freedom to know that it’s alright to make mistakes

We often beat up and judge ourselves for making mistakes in life. Even when such mistakes cannot be avoided. Sometimes, we learn more about ourselves and who we really are in the process of making mistakes. How we  handle an unfavourable situations and whether we are able to rise above it or come out of it feeeling more accomplished than we were is also important. Often times we spend time revelling in mistakes that we fail to see the positivity and lesson that comes with such mistakes. Through yoga and mindfulness, I have learned that everything happenes for a reason. Thus, I see every mistake as an opportunity to learn something new and develop myself.

Freedom to make my happiness a priority

I believe that freedom and happiness are every individual’s birth right. When we are happy we give off a certain aura which attracts positivity and goodness. When I am happy and in a good mood everything in life seems to work in my favour. There is a certain feeling of bliss and joy which I get each time I practice yoga. Yoga has taught me that hapiness is all around us. All we need to do is find where such happiness lies, harness it and make the most of it. I make my yoga practice a priority thus making my happiness a priority. I love the feeling of genuine happiness and always encourage everyone around me to always do things that bring them hapiness. Life is such a beautiful gift that should be savoured.

Freedom to let go of yesterdays worries

Prior to my finding yoga, I used to worry a lot about the past and future. I would wallow in thoughts and spend time trying to find answers to things which were beyond my control. Through meditation and mindfulness, I have learned to let go of worries and find freedom in the present moment. Yoga has taught me how to find freedom by harnessing the blessings that reside in the now. Worrying robs us of the joy and hapiness which we are supposed to enjoy. Life is way too short to spend time holding on to worries. Yoga teaches us how to find peace and contentment by spending time focusing on what matters in the present moment. Thus, letting go of unnecessarry burdens and worry that will not bring us any happiness.

“Yoga is a way to freedom. By its constant practice we can free ourselves from fear, anguish and loneliness” – Indra Devi

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