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My night time self-care routine

Having a self-care routine is a way for me to turn inwards and de-stress from the day’s activities. I love practicing daily acts of self-care as that is my way of filling my cup back up at the end of each day.  I believe that inorder for me to take care of others, I need to take care of myself  first because no one can pour from am empty cup. As I become more aware of my being and self, I have come to realize how much I love the night time because this is the time of the day that I find most peaceful and calming. Nightime for me is the time to go inward, reflect on my day and practice gratitude before I shut my eyes. Now lets talk about the step by step procedure of my night time self-care routine.

Dinner time

I usually have my dinner between 5pm and 6pm depending on how busy my day has been. I enjoy having light meals for dinner such as oatmeal, salads or fruits. Overtime, I have found out that consuming heavy meals in the evening time makes me feel lazy, tired and inactive which is not a great feeling. Eating dinner early has always worked wonders for me. It makes me feel light, active and agile when I wake up the next day which in turn makes my morning yoga practice enjoyable.

Plan for the next day

Another important part of my self-care routine is to plan for the next day the previous night. Planning my day ahead gives me ample time to have breakfast and practice yoga with my whole being immersed into these two most important tasks of the day. when I am eating my breakfast which is usually a bowl of fruit or smoothie, I like to eat with my whole presence and being and enjoy every mouthful.Planning out my morning also includes picking out what clothes to wear, planning my to do list and errands I need to run.

Tea time

After making plans for the next day, my next step of self-care practice is to have some tea. I enjoy drinking herbal tea a lot at night time. I usally have a cup of turmeric tea with cinnamon or ginger tea with lemon and black seed powder. Drinking these teas make me feel calm and at relaxed. While enjoying my tea, I would pick up a a nice self- help or personal development book to read. I find that reading books at night time helps me relax better compared to watching the television or spending time on my laptop.

Bath time

I always look forward to bath time  because bath time for me is relaxation and pampering time. Bath time allows me time to pay attention to my body and treat it with the deserving care it need for always being there for me. Bathtime is also the time to wash the day’s stress and worries away and get rejuvenated to prepare for the next day. After, having a bath, I pamper my skin with a mixture of coconut oil and shea butter and spray some nice smelling fragrance on my sleep wear. Some people think I am doing extra by spraying fragrances at night but my belief is if it makes you happy, do it.

Meditation time

I have made meditation a daily habit simply due to the calmess it brings to me. At nightime, my meditation practice lasts between 5 to 10 minutes depending on how I feel. Sometimes, I do my meditation in a lotus position on my yoga mat  or while sitting up in bed. I love to have a soft meditation music  playing  in the background during my practice. I also practice my meditation using a couple of downloaded guidede meditations which I have on my phone if I feel like being guided through my meditation session.

Gratitude and prayer

Gratitude for me is simply being thankful for all that I have in my life and how greatful I am for the gift of life, being able to achieve my day’s task and being healthy and alive. Practicing gratitude is focusing on the good things in my life rather than the things that have not gone according to my plan. While practicing gratidude is a high vibrational act, I always remember to also pray for my loved ones, people that have crossed my path in life and people who do not have enough or those struggling.  After my gratitude and prayer session, I ususlly go inwards and pick a beautiful memory to savour while I drift off to sleep.


“Self-care is not selfish. You cannot serve from an empty vessel” – Eleanor Brownn




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  1. A masterpiece, I will try to work on these steps to become a better me.

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