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Home made soy flour


Prior to a couple of weeks ago I have never heard of or seeen soy flour. My introduction to soy flour came about when my mum called me on the phone one evening that she found a bread made with soy  and she would like to know if I have any opinion about it as she would like to try it out. Out of my curiosity and excitement, I told my mum to buy it which she did.

soy flour , gluten free flour

I enjoy the fact that my self and my mum share similar interest about watching what we eat.  My mum came home that evening and could not contain her excited due to her rare find (soy bread). I could hear the excitement in her footstep as she walked into the house to show the bread to me.

However, after the excitement had died down I asked her a question that most vegans would ask which is “does it contain milk, butter or egg” and unfortunately the answer was yes.  One thing that amazes me about my mum is her support of my vegan lifestyle. She always makes a concious effort to alter meals that are usually not vegan friendly vegan.  When she broke the news to me that the bread was not vegan friendly, she suggested I make my  own soy flour  and bake a bread myself.

soy beans , soy beans flour

soy flour, soya beans flour


Pick out the dirt and debris from your soy beans and wash it in water to remove dirt and dust

Remove the peel from your soy beans and drain off excess water

Pour in a sieve and leave for 3o minutes to 1 hour

Spread onto a flat tray  to air dry or put it in a dehydrator to dry out.

When the beans is dried, pour into a dry mill/ high speed blender or coffee grinder

Blend until your soy beans becomes very fine







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