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Top 5 ways to use yoga for self discovery

Let’s begin by talking about what yoga means. Personally, I believe that yoga is the union of the body, mind and soul which means to become whole with oneself. For me, yoga has been an exciting life-changing journey which has helped me in becoming a greater version of myself. Whenever I spread out my yoga mat for my practice, I feel a genuine sense of fulfillment and I take every opportunity to thank my creator for blessing me with the gift of life and the strength to practice. With yoga, I have mastered how to find beauty in simplicity and realize how beautiful the universe is.



Finding yoga has helped me know what being compassionate is all about. Yoga has taught me to love unconditionally, to help others without expecting anything in return, to selflessly serve others, to be empathic towards the needs of others and accept others for who they are. I find that showing compassion to others gives me a true sense of joy and contentment which words cannot explain and which I have never felt prior to me practicing yoga.


With yoga, I have learned to be calm in the midst of every storm that crosses my path.Whenever I find myself in unfavorable conditions, I try not to panic or be reactive but rather immerse my whole being into the situation thereby acknowledging it, finding peace within it and eventually finding a way out of such uncomfortable situation. The calmness which I have developed through my daily practice of yoga has helped me in opening my mind to see things for what they truly are and to understand that everything that happens is truly for a reason.


Yoga has taught me how to open my heart to the realization that we live in a world of limitless abundance. My practice has helped me in appreciating the little beautiful things I used to take for granted such as looking at the blue cloudless skies in summertime, marvelling at the starry night skies, breathing in the majestic scent of the trees and moist earth, sitting by the river and listening to the sounds of the water as it flows along its course. Through yoga, I have learned to be thankful to my creator for the gift of sight and the gift of life while paying attention to how effortless I can move my body in whichever direction I desire without doing so much. The most remarkable thing about gratitude is that the more grateful we are, the more abundance and richness the universe sends our way.


Yoga has taught me how to be a beacon of light in the lives of others. A couple of months after I began practicing yoga, I felt something shift within me, what I felt was totally indescribable. One thing I noticed is that I can’t help but spread love and be the source of light in other people’s lives. Being a lighthouse simply means offering a genuine smile to a stranger, giving a care pack to a homeless person, leaving kindness notes in public places, holding the door for others and saying please and thank you to people or anything to make another person feel good.


Through yoga and meditation, I have found a way of being mindful of everything I do by immersing myself in the now the present moment which is where peace and happiness is. I don’t believe in worrying about the past or the future because the past is gone and can never be lived again while the future is not guaranteed. I also believe that worry is a thief of happiness so living in the present moment has helped me live a worry free and joyful life.

What changes have taken place within you since you started practicing yoga? What new things have you discovered about yourself? How have these changes strengthened the relationship between you, your environment and loved ones?



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  2. Hi Zainab.
    I think the five aspects of how yoga has changed your life are great.
    What I love about the practice is that it provides a fresh perspective on how to view the world. Considering that neuroscience shows that many people have the same mental and emotional patterning set in place by their mid-thirties to forties, yoga is essential to create new neural pathways. This allows us to be constant creators of our lives, instead of reactionaries to the world outside of us.

    Also, love your beach photos. Where were they taken?
    And the food pics are drool-worthy. Can’t wait to dig in to some of your recipes.


    1. Yoga has really changed my life in so many ways. Do you practice yoga? How often do you practice yoga? The beach photo was taken last summer in Bournemouth, I will be posting more recipe photos very soon. Thank you for stopping by

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