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All about carob and carob power

I have always heard about carob with the recent wave of talks about superfood on instagram and other socia media sites. I have heard about carob powder and seen carob carob powder but never took the time to find out what it looks like.

carob powder

Last week Sunday I was planning for an upcoming trip and wanted to buy some dates to take on the trip with me. Even though most flights cater for vegan customers, I just find aircraft meal very unhealthy. My intention was to get some dates to make some oatmeal-chia cookies and also keep the rest of the dates for snack.

So, I decided to take a walk to one of the local shops where I always get my dates from. When I got there I saw an odd looking thing in a pod and asked the owner of the shop what it was and he told me that its called carob. Immediately I heard C-A-R-O-B, I  began beaming like a woman who has finally reuinited with an old lover.

The kind vendor was very enthusiatic to tell me all about the health benefits of carob and how it tastes so good. I ended up buying some dates and lots of carob pods from him.

Now lets talk about how to make carob powder.


1. Wash your carob pods. Carob pods are harvested while hanging on trees where they definitely would have collected some dust particles and impurities in the air. Sometimes carob pods harbour bugs in them so you need to give them a good rinse.

carob pods 2.  By washing your pods in water, it makes thepods soft which makes deseeding the pods much easy. The seeds are not needed in the powder making process which is why you need to de seed your pods.

3.  Rinse your deseeded carob pods thoroughly and let it air dry in the sun. You can also use a dehydrator or airfryer at a low temperature to dry your pods. Take care to keep your airfryer at a low temperature  so as not to end up with a burnt and bitter tasting carob powder.

washed carob pods

4.  When your carob pods are well dried. The dryer the pods the smoother your powder. Pour it in a food processor, high speed blender or coffee grinder to blend your carob pods to powder.

carob powder, carob pods

5.  Sift your powder to sepereate the chunky bits and re-blend again and again until there are no more chunky bits.


carob powder and pods



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