About Me

Hello, I am Zainab and welcome to my blog. I started my healthy journey about four years ago, became vegan two years ago and found yoga a year later. I am a nature person and spend most of my time marveling at cloud formations in the skies, pondering about my existence on this earth, watching the sunset and sunrise, reading books on self-care, self-help as well as books that expand my consciousness. I enjoy going out to the farmer’s market on weekends, trying out exotic fruits, eating healthy vegan meals, meditating and practicing yoga. Well, some call me stone-hearted, greedy and eccentric simply because I am a non-conformist who believes in freedom, self-love and seeing the best in everyone which is something that has motivated me to keep being a better version of myself rather than being weighed down by other people’s perception of me.

This blog is a reflection of my true self, my ideology and how I view life in regards to veganism, yoga, mindfulness, the food we eat and how to become a better version of yourself. My main purpose of creating this blog is to share my knowledge and experience on some of my favorite things and how they have positively impacted my body and whole existence.

Wanna know more about me, my blog and my journey to freedom? Please stick around and let me hear your comment.

Love, Zainab x