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9 simple ways to everlasting happiness

Everyone needs a good dosage of happiness in their lives because happiness is a truly beautiful state of mind and being. When I speak about happiness, I’m not referring to that kind of happiness that stems from acquiring material things because such happiness is a transient one which never lasts. Genuine happiness that springs from within us from a feeling of contentment and being true to ourself is what I refer to lasting happiness. If you want to learn more about how to find lasting happiness, please stick around and check out these 9 simple steps on how I have learned to find everlasting happiness.

Let go of fear– Overtime, I have come to understand that fear is simply a state where false evidences appear real in our mind. Fear is all in the mind, it is created by the mind to distract us from reaching our potential goal or to keep us stuck with certain beliefs that hinder our progress. Whenever I am about to try something new and find myself being overcome with fear and uncertainty, I always look within me to see where the fear is coming from and often realize its simply my imagination that’s playing tricks on me. I usually say some affirmations such as “I am in charge, I believe in myself or I have the power to manifest my dreams” to disperse the cloud of fears in my head. Once I say these affirmations with genuine conviction, I always feel a surge of happiness overcome me.

Spend time in nature (eco-therapy)– Spending time in nature is something I do quite often and I find it very refreshing and relaxing. Nature is around us everywhere, take advantage of it; go to the beach, take a walk in the woods and if you live in a crowded city; go to the park and breathe in some fresh air to rejuvenate your mind and soul. As a little girl, I remember that my father would drive out of the town to go spend time by the waters or in areas with thick vegetation every weekend, I had no idea why he loved spending his weekend this way, but I noticed that whenever he returned home he always looked completely happy and blissed out. I guess he knew that the key to happiness lies in spending time in nature.

Stop comparing – You were alone on that glorious day that life was breathed into your soul and the day you’ll take your last breathe you probably will be alone. You were created as a unique soul by your creator, every one of us is unique. It’s this element of uniqueness that makes the world a beautiful place. We are all running different races in life so why do you have to compare yourself to the next person? Learn to find contentment and peace in where you are at the present moment while working on yourself to achieve your dreams and goals in life. Don’t forget that comparing yourself to the next person will only cause you heartache or make you feel that you are not good enough. Celebrate yourself, be grateful to your creator for the gift of life, savour every moment and bask in the happiness of being you.

Stop settling and start living– Live! Live!! Live!!!. Life is a very beautiful gift, don’t waste it settling for mediocrity. Spend time doing the things that truly make you happy no matter how weird it may sound or look. Having an impression that something is weird or bizarre is all due to the programming of the mind which the society has falsely created to hinder us from having the ultimate human experience. If going to the movies or the restaurant by yourself is what makes you happy, do it, if you want to spend the night staring at the starry skies; do it, if you want to walk bare feet on the grass, do it (I’ve done all these countless times, and I’ve loved it). If people ask you why you are doing some of these things simply tell them that’s what makes you happy and tell them why you are doing it. Stop existing, start living and remember, never settle for anything or do anything that is not in line with your true authentic self because being your true self is your gateway to lasting happiness.

Have a Healthy dose of detachment– Don’t take life too seriously. Having a healthy dose of detachment doesn’t mean that you do not care about others, it simply means that you are putting yourself first before thinking of anyone else. Don’t force things, let them come to you organically. By practicing the art of detachment you let go of things, emotions, thoughts that are no longer serving you, by letting go of these elements you will attain a certain level of freedom that puts you in alignment with your true authentic self. By being your true authentic self,  happiness becomes yours.

Move your body– Don’t be a couch potato, do some workout. Practice yoga, enroll in a dance class, run if that’s what floats your boat, take a walk. Moving our body by exercising it releases a happy chemical into our brain called dopamine which is why we feel happy after working out or moving our body. Exercising the body has countless benefits such as stress reduction, confidence boost, reduced anxiety, increased energy, increased flexibility and weight loss.

Be like water– when I say be like water, I mean this literally.Water is formless, it flows however it wishes, it’s unstoppable, it’s powerful, its sleek, Its gentle. Today, we have become deeply engrossed in things that are not in alignment with our wellbeing and roots which is consequently leading to stress, worries, anxiety, Jealousy and spreading of negative energy. We have become a race that thrives on forcing things to happen and not caring about the consequences or whether it will favour us in the long run or not. To be like water is to let go of unnecessary worries, to trust the universe that everything around you is working in your favour, to manoeuvre through problems victoriously, to be flexible enough to adapt to changes. Be like water my friends.

Serve others– Serving others is a factor that brings genuine indescribable happiness and good karma to us. Serving others simply means doing something kind and nice for people without expecting anything in return. You can serve others by making a meal for a family member who is ill, holding the door for a stranger, giving some spare change to a busker, smiling at people, volunteering at a charity, offering food or water to a hungry or thirsty animal, offering your seat to someone on a public transport, praying for people as well as sending them positive affirmations. Imagine how beautiful the world would be if everyone could have an attitude of carrying out random acts of kindness on a daily basis, I bet the world would be a very beautiful place.

Eat healthy– have you ever heard of the saying “you are what you eat”? well, I never believed in the saying too until I changed my diet and realized that whatever we put in our body or eat reflects on our outer being and appearance. When I changed my diet from consuming processed and junk foods to consuming more leafy greens like spinach and rockets, sprouts, microgreens, bananas, papaya, brown rice, sweet potatoes I felt a change within me which I have never felt before. I began to sleep better, had lots of energy and was always happy. If you want to experience the magical shift which I felt in my body, I will suggest you change your diet to a more healthy one and you will be grateful to yourself for making such a good choice.

“Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned, worn or consumed. Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace and gratitude” – Denis Waitley


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