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7 ways to make yourself feel better when you’re having a bad day


We don’t always have everything figured out in life, sometimes we make the perfect plan but along the way things just don’t go as we have planned. It’s alright to cry and let it all out if it helps. But spending time wallowing in sadness isn’t the best. A bad day can be transformed to a better one as long as we are willing to make an effort.

happinessSpending time doing what we love, things that bring us joy can transform whatever bad mood we’re in to a much better uplifted one. Here are seven things you can do to make yourself feel better whenever you’re having a bad day.

Read a book

I enjoy reading books a lot. I find reading as a gateway to nourish the mind with  helpful information. Whenever I am having a not so good day, the best way for me to hanlde the situation is to read a book. When I read, I read with with my whole being immersed in what I read. I find this method of reading exteremly therapeutic. I love to learn about ancient cultures, how the human body works, yoga  and travels. Books have helped me broaden my horizon especially books about travels.

Take a walk in nature

Taking a walk in nature helps change the mood and makes you feel better no matter how bad your day is going. We are one with nature and it is in nature that we find rejuvenation, medicine and happiness. When we spend time in nature we align with our roots and find true and happiness. Whenever I am stressed or need to clear my head. I take long walks in nature and I’ve met some amazing souls just by striking random conversation with people and end up feeling 10 times better.

Move your body/practice some yoga

Doing some sort of physical activity when having a bad day can make a lot of changes to how we feel. There is a certain feeling of happiness that comes along with excercising the body which is due to the hormones which are released by the body. Moving the body in the form of any physical excercise keeps the mind engaged in trying to cope with what the body is going through. This takes the mind away from the pain and suffering or regrets that is causing us to have a bad day.

listen to some sounds/music

There is no doubt that music and sounds affect the way we feel at certain times of the day. Music and sounds have a way of  uplifting the mood. Just as there are sounds that can make us feel depressed, there are sounds that can uplift the mood. Anytime I’m feeling unhappy or just want a change of mood, I search my phone or youtube for any nice  sound or instrumental I can find. My favourite one is any ancient chinese flute music, theres just something magical about them.

Treat your self to a nice healthy meal

When people feel bad they tend to seek refuge in food especialy unhealthy foods such as ice cream, candy, cakes and biscuits. These foods end up making us feel worse. We all know that eating a healthy meal makes us feel good on the inside as well as on the outside. Eating a healthy meal when having a bad day can transform your day and mood for the better.


Meditating is another activity that can make you feel better when you are having a bad day. Meditation means to simply quieten the mind, observe what is going on around us and keep the mind focused on the present.  When I’m happy, sad, confused or doubtful, I meditate. Meditations helps one to focus on the present  moment where true happiness resides. It frees the mind from worrying about the uncertainties of the future and regrets of the past.

Burn some incense or essential oil

Burning of incense or essential oil can make a great difference to how we are feeling. I use  incenses and essential oils a lot as I find them as a great way to lighten my mood which in turn makes me feel good.  Whenever I feel like taking my focus away from a particular thing or feeling, I simply diffuse some essential oils and focus my  concentration on the smell around me. When focusing  on  smell, it feels as though I am in a different realm. My mind becomes incredibly calm and I feel at peace.  This is similar to a form of mni meditation.


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