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7 Ways to cultivate peacefulness

Peacefulness and peace of mind  is an attribute which is essential to everyone’s well being. Today, we live in a world where stress, anguish and restlessness is seen as the norm and those who strive to find peace and make peacefulness a priority in all that they do are looked at in a certain way. There are a lot of ways to cultivate peacefulness into one’s life and here are few tips that I practice regularly.

Get rid of negative thoughts

The human mind secretes thoughts just as the salivery gland secretes saliva. It is absolutely normal for the mind to create thoughts. But the onus is on us to guard our minds towards creating happy and positive thoughts. When we train our minds to produce positive thoughts, we find that anger, anguish and anxiety dissappears which consequently leads to a state of  extreme contentment. They say that our thoughts leads to actions  and the actions we take or do not take leads to what becomes our reality. The human mind is a very powerful tool that is capable of moving mountains if used the right way. It might be a bit daunting in the beginning when trying to train your mind to create positive thoughts. But, with constant practice you will become a master at silencing all negative thoughts before they even come into existence. The best way to get rid of negative thoughts is to saturate ones mind with beautiful thoughts, words and memories at all times. Remember that whatever we feed our mind with, is what the mind churns back out.

Meditate everyday

Meditation is like medicine for the mind. If you are seeking to cultivate eternal peace in your life, I would suggest you practice meditation everyday. Meditation means to go inwards, quieten the mind and observe the thoughts that flow in and out of your mind. To meditate is to find inner peace. A meditation practice could be for as short as 5 minutes or as long as 1 hour. It all depends on what you are comfortable with and how much time you’ve got on your hands. I can remember my first medition session and how calm I felt after my practice. The level of inner peace I felt was totally out of this world which is why I try my possible best to meditate every single day.

Practice stillness

Practicing stillness is slightly similar to meditation. For me, practicing stillness is simply finding a calm and quiet spot where I can spend time by myself. When practicing stillness, I lovingly guide my mind to let go of all thoughts and focus my mind and vision on one particular thing such as a flowing river, the setting of the sun, or rain drops on my window.I have practiced stillness while walking, sitting and laying down and you too can. It all depends on what you find peceful and calmimg. I have also practiced stillness while listening to some binaural beats, music tuned to 432Hz and ancient chinese flute music. The level of peacefulness that I usually feel at the end of my stillness session is always out of this world.

Keep your space clean

There is a great relationship between having a clean environment and peacefulness. I find that having a clean environment  increases the level of  my peacefulness and inner peace. I never used to pay attention to my environment in the past years up until about 2 years ago. Eversince I began living mindfully and paying attention to my space, I  have noticed that I feel a sense of happiness and serenity whenever I step into a clean space. Another way for me to cultivate peacefulness and inner peace is to  burn incense and diffuse essential oils. Having a space that smells clean and fresh helps me sleep better at night. It also keeps my space free from negative energy.

Reflect on good memories

Another simple way to cultivate peacefulness is to create and make beautiful memories. By creating beautiful memories and relationships, I am guarnateed to have something to fall back on when I’m having one of those not so great days. As I am writing this post, I am in an aircraft preparing to travel. It is a beautiful sunny Thursday morning and I am looking out at a beautiful powder blue sky with clouds dusted here and there. It’s such a beautiful sight to behold. I cant help but smile at myself for how lucky I am to be able to add something so beautiful  to my memory. I have gotten a few weird looks already for smiling at myself but they have no idea how blissed out I feel. No matter how busy life gets, its always nice to go back to those happy memories inorder to fill our cup back up and be whole again. Spend time with your happy memories just as you would spend time with an old friend, let them cleanse you and nourish you.

I love travelling, spending time by the water or in nature, meeting interesting people, having weird conversations with people, starring out at starry skies and marvelling at cloud formations. These are all examples of things I do to create memories.


Gratitude is a high vibrational word. It is simply being genuinly grateful for what you have rather than focusing on lack or the things you do not have. Each time I practice gratitude, I feel a sense of calmness surge through my whole being. Gratitude makes me realize how being thankful for the little things in life can pave way for genuine happiness. I have cultivated the habit of giving gratitude when I wake up in the morning and when I am about to close my eyes to sleep at the end of the day. With gratitude, I realize how much abundance and wealth I have around me. In this instance, I am not referring to material wealth but immaterial wealth. Being alive,  happy,  able  move my body, having the capacity to think for my self and achieving  whatever I set my mind to achieve is what I call true wealth. The more I practice gratitude, the more inner peace and abundnce I attract into my life.

Forgiveness of yourself and others

Forgiving yourself, others and letting go of things you cannot control is a really a great way to cultivate peacefulness. When we hold on to the hurt or failure that others have caused us in the past, we tend to channel a lot of negative emotions.  These negative emotions consequently attracts negativity into our lives. I have realised that whenever I forgive people, I feel as if a heavy weight has been off my shoulders. I feel light and at peace. Sometimes, It could be hard to forgive others, which is fine.  Whenever we have this strong feeling of  not wanting to forgive those who have wronged us it’s always great to remind ourselves that we are carrying out the act of forgiveness for our own well being. Not forgiving ourselves of our past mistakes can hinder us from growing and being at peace with our self.


“Whoever values peace of mind and the health of soul will live the best of all possible lives”-Markus Aurelius.

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