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5 ways to finding calmness

Have you ever tried taking a break in the midst of the hubbub of the day just to find some calmness? If your answer is yes, then I believe that you are on the quest to finding calmness. Calmness is simply a way of finding peace, a way of doing nothing and just being. Want to learn how to get your mind back to calmness and serenity? please read these 5 tips on what I do to achieve calmness.

Meditation and yoga

One of the best ways to find calmness for me is via meditation. During my meditation practice, I simply sit still with eyes closed and observe. I observe as thoughts come in and out of my mind, whenever my mind wanders, I simply acknowledge it and bring my mind back to focus on the present moment. If you are new to meditation and find that your mind wanders a lot, you can try out guided meditation; which is a form of meditation where a trained practitioner guides you with instructions and mantra.As meditation is for the stillness of the mind so is yoga a means of achieving stillness for the body and soul. One thing I love most about yoga is the calming effect it has on me each time I roll out my mat to practice. In yoga, I find that the longer I hold a pose, the more calmness I’m able to cultivate. I usually schedule my practice of power/vinyasa yoga for the mornings and schedule my practice of restorative, yin or gentle yoga for the evenings.


Breathe my friends. When in doubt, breathe. When going through a difficult situation, breathe. When you are happy, breathe. What I mean by breathing is taking breaths while your mind is in tune with your breathing which is also called the practice of mindful breathing or pranayama in yoga.  There are different variations of mindful breathing but I usually practice the 444 breathing technique, taking in deep breaths, alternate nostril breathing, and breaths of fire. Practicing the art of conscious breathing helps to balance the 2 hemispheres of the brain resulting in a balanced physical, mental and emotional well being, it promotes mental clarity, enhances sleep quality and helps to reduce stress.

Waking up early

waking up early is very crucial in finding calmness. Let me tell you how I  use “waking up early” to my advantage and how it has worked for me. I go to sleep early and wake up early around 4 or 5 am. At this time, the world is asleep and everywhere is normally quiet, I also find that at this time my mind is clear and open to ideas.What I usually do is pick a self-help book to read, do some meditation or pray. I take whatever lesson I’ve learned during this hour of abundance into my day which in turn helps me maintain the stillness which I have cultivated. One thing I do not advice is logging on to the internet upon waking up, If you must go on to any social media site, wait for about 15-20 minutes before doing so. I believe that the way you begin your day plays a great role in how your day will go.


I have learned to cultivate the habit of spending some alone time with myself and you should too. You can do this by simply finding a calm place, it could be in your office, at the park or while walking. Let go of your mobile phone, social media all negative thoughts and distractions. Stay with yourself, go within and simply spend some time contemplating your day so far. You can spend as little as 5 minutes for this activity or as long as 30 minutes. I see it as a way of refreshing one’s mind and being in tune with reality. With this practice, I have gotten to know myself better and I have learned to appreciate the little things which I used to take for granted around me.


Have you ever wondered why listening to certain kinds of music and sounds alters your emotions? Well, music has been known to play a great role in our state of mind and consciousness. When in search of calmness, the best type of music that has worked for me are ancient Chinese flute sounds, Native American flute music or natural sounds such as the sound of a flowing river, the sound of birds chirping or the sound of rainfall. These are all sounds that I’ve listened to at various times in my practice of stillness and their effect has been nothing but fantastic.

“To the mind that is still, the whole universe surrenders”- Lao Tzu

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  1. I love the idea to wake up early. I used to be such an early bird, but then I got into the habit of staying up late and sleeping in. Did it take you awhile to finally get used to it?

    1. Yes, it took me a while to get used to waking up early. sleeping early was what helped me to cultivate the habit of waking up early.I also condition my mind and repeat affirmations before sleeping so as to prepare my mind that I need to wake up early.

    1. I totally agree with you, it’s a bit difficult to get into the routine of waking up early. What worked for me at the beginning of my journey was to go to go to bed early

  2. I love these ways to calmness! And yes, waking up early is the best but not always easy, haha
    I personally like to treat myself every now and then on a affordable yoga retreat, and take this peace with me into my daily life. I feel it’s important to step back every now and then, just leave the hustle and bustle , come back to your self, to your breath, to nature, to the feeling of being connected with all the lovely human beings around us. These magical feelings easily arrises on retreats and it’s so powerful, it can last for a long time – especially when I remind myself every now and then 🙂 (I could really recommend Ocean & Yoga in Portugal for example, a real treat to yourself, on a charming organic farm, and with a lot of surfing fun as well :)) Just felt like adding this to the list! 🙂
    Love to all!

    1. Reading your comment brought a smile to my face. Thank you so much for recommending ocean & yoga, I have checked out their page and I like what I see. I will add it in my journal of places to visit.

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