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5 reasons to practice warrior III (virabhadrasana 3)

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Warrior III also known as virabhadrasana 3 in sanskrit is one pose I would recommend to anyone seeking to cultivate balance on their yoga mat and in their life. Warrior III is a balancing pose which can be mentally challenging  but extremely invigourating when done correctly. I can remember the first time I attempted virabhadrasana 3- my legs and arms were wobbling like  jelly on a plate. I could not hold the pose for 2 breaths, but with constant practice and resilience, things started to get better.

Warrior III  is that pose that most people have a love-hate relationship with. There are a couple of poses one can practice in order to prepare for virabhadrasana 3. These poses can help prepare  and immerse the body and mind into the practice of this pose.  These poses are warrior I, crescent pose, tree pose, standing split and pyramid pose. Now, lets look at the 4 reasons why you should practice warrior III.

warrior 3, virabhadrasana 3, yoga pose

Increased balance

Warrior III  is an intermediate balancing pose which improves balance and coordination. I never knew how out of balance I was until I started practicing yoga. Virabhadrasana 3 requires one to stand on one leg while keeping the neck, back, hamstring and calf parallell to the floor. Also, the core muscles need to be engaged while practicing this asana (pose). With consistent practice of warrior III, I have been able to perfect other balancing poses.  I am able t0 hold my tree pose, eagle pose, crow pose and head stand for longer with proper alignment.

 Improved core strength

We all want a strong core muscle but only a few of us are ready to do the hard work. Practicing yoga and warrior III in particular has helped me develop a stronger core strength. I am able to maintain the right alignment for plank pose, crow pose, side crow, boat pose and flying pigeon pose. I am also able to hold most of my yoga poses for longer. Another plus side to having a good core strength is that you will have a toned core area and get to look good in clothes.

Better posture

Yoga plays a great role in helping people who are struggling to maintain a good posture. Yoga involves practicing an array of poses which involves a lot of back strenghtening, heart opening, core strength building  and meditation. Warrior III is one of the yoga poses particularly useful in maintaining a good posture as it targets the muscles and joints mostly affected by bad posture such as the core muscles, shoulders, neck , back and calf muscles.

Incresed focus

To practice warrior III sucessfully, one needs find and maintain a focal point (drishti) . Having a focal point helps one to  keep the appropriate posture for this pose. I find that with consistent practice of virabhadrasana 3, I am able to concentrrate better in tasks, clear my mind easily and maintain calmness for longer during meditation practices. Warrior III trains the mind to stay focused and present during difficult situations. Virabhadrasana3 has taught me patience and it has also taught me how to find calmness in the midst of any adversity.

Increased energy level

Warrior III is a pose that challenges the body with both standing and forward-bending elements. It also builds stregth and grounding in the legs while offering chances for inner calmness. Virabrhadasana 3 engages almost all the muscles in the body thereby sending jolts of energy and vitality through the body. I have never been a fan of drinking coffee in the morning .But people have always wondered how I am able to maintain a good flow of energt throughout the entire day . My secret to everlasting energy is practicing yoga very early in the morning and taking the energy I have cultivated on the mat into the rest of my day.



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