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Myths about yoga



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There are  lots of myths about yoga which people have created out of the blues. The funny thing is that a lot of people believe in these myths without taking a moment to question them. However, believing in these myths or any myth tend to limit and hold us back from achieving our goals or trying out something new. As yoga becomes more popular, I have noticed a lot of myths attributed to yoga which I would like to share.I have narrowed my list to just five and hope you enjoy reading them.

Myth #1 You have to be flexible

The number one myth about yoga is that most people think that you have to have some level of flexibility before you can practice. This is absolutely untrue.  This takes me back to the first time I ever did yoga.  In all honesty, attempting seated forward fold, pigeon pose, downward facing dog, extended hand to toe pose for the first time wasn’t easy. But I did it and modified some poses when I needed to. Although, flexibility comes with consistency but it  isn’t necessary inorder to have a good yoga experience.

Myth #2 You have to practice for a long duration of time

I find this one really funny because just as unique as every individual is, we  can make our yoga practice unique too. The beautiful thing about yoga is that you can tailor your practice according to your availability and time. Sometimes, when I am pressed for time I practice for as little as thirty minutes. I also practice for up to an hour and half when I have a lot of time on my hands. The amazing thing is that you will get the same effect whether you practice for thirty minutes or an hour.

Myth #3 You can’t begin yoga in your old age

Yoga is non discriminatory and can be practiced at any stage of one’s life. I have seen  documentaries about people who started yoga in their late forties and fifties. These people blended in perfectly and were glad to have found yoga when they did. What I like most about yoga is that it is open to all age, sex and creed. Even kids can practice yoga. I recently wrote a post on whether yoga is for everyone and whether it should be practiced by everyone, which I think you should check.

Myth #4 You have to join a yoga class to practice yoga

Another beautiful thing about yoga is that you don’t really need to sign up for a class to practice. Although, some people go to classes to find motivation and to work on their alignment. My first yoga practice was within the comfort of my home which I totally enjoyed. I have attended a few classes in yoga studios but I always find it more emjoyable to practice at home by myself. Personally, I find yoga classes to be expensive and not giving me the satisfaction which I desire. You can practice yoga at the beach, in a park or anywhere and don’t necessarily need to join a class in order to begin your yoga journey.

Myth #5 You need to wear fancy clothes to practice yoga

As yoga has become more popular there’s been an explosion of companies churning out yoga apparels/accessories. These accessories are pushed out to consumers to make them believe that they will have the utimate yoga experience. Well, this is not necessarily true. All you need for a good yoga experience is a good mat, clean space and comfortable clothes that won’t restrict or limit your movement. I have seen people practice yoga in the most comfortable clothing item you can imagine. I also practice in my pyjamas sometimes  and this doesn’t limit my practice in any way.

All in all, enjoy your yoga practice and don’t let any myth limit your yoga experience.


“Incredible things can be done simply if we are committed to making them happen- Sadhguru”


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