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Things we take for granted


Most of us take almost everything around us for granted and feel self-entitled. This attitude has made most of us develop a tunnel vision against the blessings around us. We throw caution to the wind and expect everything to be the same as always or even better. We live a life where we throw tantrums at the most silliest discomfort forgetting that the little discomfort which we are feeling is someone else’s reality. A reality which they have to endure for as long as they remain on the face of planet earth.

taking things for granted

For a couple of weeks now, I have been finding it hard to sleep all through the night. My loved ones know how much I love my sleep. If permitted, I could sleep all day and still sleep all night. I find sleep as a means of escape from noise and a way to rejuvenate my mind and body.

All about carob and carob power

carob powder and pods

I have always heard about carob with the recent wave of talks about superfood on instagram and other socia media sites. I have heard about carob powder and seen carob carob powder but never took the time to find out what it looks like.

carob powder

Last week Sunday I was planning for an upcoming trip and wanted to buy some dates to take on the trip with me. Even though most flights cater for vegan customers, I just find aircraft meal very unhealthy. My intention was to get some dates to make some

The art of having a deep conversation

deep conversationA deep conversation is a form of talk, where the parties involved are passionate about what is being discussed. Deep conversation adds value to the lives of  those involved and makes them want to think deeper. There is nothing I find as stimulating as having deep quality conversation with people. Personally,I love deep thinkers. My love for having deep conversation stems from the

Pumpkin soup with dairy free yoghurt

vegan pumpkin soup, pumpkin served in pumpkin shell,

One of the things I love most about autumn or the fall season is the abundance of squash and pumpkins. I also love the colour of autumn, there’s something warming about it. Lately, I have been enjoying a lot of soups and trying out various recipes with pumpkins. I have made a smoothie bowl out of butter nut squash which I totally enjoyed. Yesterday, I also attempted a pumpkin

My road to freedom with yoga

Life is a gift to be lived to the fullest and enjoyed in which ever way we please. It is imperative to take care not to hurt anyone in the process of living. I have never met a soul that does’nt love their freedom. I love my freedom to the point that I do not let anything comprise it. By definition, yoga means to join or unite the mind and body which is what I consider ultimate freedom.

lotus pose, full lotus variation, freedomI have never felt how limitless my freedom is until yoga came into my life. Yoga has been a true blessing in my life. The more time

Vegan black quinoa parfait with chia pudding

black quinoa parfait

I came across quinoa about four years ago when I started my health journey. Being vegan, has opened me up to an array of  and variety of foods. My palate has changed a lot to the point that I’m using very minimal salt in my cookings.  I have always eaten quinoa as a savory meal and never thought of having it as a sweet meal or for breakfast.

black quinoa parfait

This parfait can be made overnight and tucked away in the refrigertor and eaten as breakfast while on the go or at work. Quinoa is

7 ways to make yourself feel better when you’re having a bad day



We don’t always have everything figured out in life, sometimes we make the perfect plan but along the way things just don’t go as we have planned. It’s alright to cry and let it all out if it helps. But spending time wallowing in sadness isn’t the best. A bad day can be transformed to a better one as long as we are willing to make an effort.

happinessSpending time doing what we love, things that bring us joy can transform whatever bad mood we’re in to a much better uplifted

How gratitude changed my life


Having an attitude of  gratitude is focusing on what we have and finding contentment in it rather than complaining about what we don’t have. While growing up, people around me always said that it was good to give gratitude. They always told me that the more gratitude you give, the more happiness, contentment and abundance you will attract into your life. Fast forward to adulthood, I have learned to always give gratitude for the good things in my life and the not so good.