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4 simple ways to show compassion to others

When was the last time you showed compassion or carried out a simple act of kindness to make someone feel better or good about themselves? When I think about how much anguish and pain there is in this world, the more I realise how much the world is in dire need of compassion and love. Having an attitude of compassion is a beautiful way to live because you get to contribute to someone else’s life without asking for anything in return. I am a big believer in the saying that whatever good you put out there will always come back to you. To cut the long story short, I believe in karma, kindness and being selfless.

The good thing about compassion is that the action of showing compasion benefits both the giver and receiver of a compassionate act. It teaches the receiver how to show love to others and gives them a chance to pay the act of compassion forward to another person in need. Also, when people practice acts of compassion towards others it creates an unexplainable surge of happiness within them which is similar to that feel we get when we accomplish something .

Here are a couple of of situations where I’ve received random acts of compassion from strangers and people I barely know.


Say a prayer for someone

I remembered the first time I moved to the UAE in search of a job. I was living in a shared apartment with a nice fellow from Asia. I introduced myself to him and we got talking about life in general and I got to know he was a student and I told him I had quit my previous job and currently looking for a different and challenging role. After our chat I retired to my room and went to bed. The next day, I woke up at about 5:30 am and thought to go to the kitchen to get some warm water to make some lemon water and guess who I saw. I saw my housemate rolling up his prayer mat as he had just concluded his morning prayer. I greeted him good morning and he returned my greeting with a warm smile and said  “I just finished praying for you, you will get a very good and deserving job veryy soon”. I felt my heart melt and said a genuine thank you to him, this simple act of compassion changed my day and changed my life. Everytime I remember him, I always say genuine prayers for him and his family members as a thank you gift to him because I will never forget him.

Pay someone a nice complement

It was a bright Saturday morning in January 2014 and I was at the train station waiting for a friend. We had agreed to meet at the train station in the heart of London. Unfortunately, her train was running late so I had to wait for extra 30 minutes which I wasn’t worried about because we had the whole day to spend together. The station was so busy as it was a Saturday morning, so there was no chance for me to find a seat. I was leaning against a wall as I await my friend’s arrival. Then, a man walked up to me, he looked like he was in his late 30’s. He introduced himself and we had a little chat about life and where he was from as his train was being delayed for about 30 minutes as well. We had a nice little chat and just when he was about to go board his train he said ” you are a very beautiful lady”. I smiled and thanked him as he walked away. Each time I remember this moment, I always say a prayer for him and hope he finds peace and beauty in all that he does.

Help someone with direction

I remember this one like yesterday. It was on a Friday in 2016, I was at home and bored so I decided to take a long walk to a fruit and veg shop I had found online. I was really excited about this day because I was looking forward to making some delicious smoothie for breakfast the next morning. It was a beautiful day, the rain had just fallen and the weather was perfect.  I decided to go with google maps which said my journey would take approximately an hour which I was happy about. I had my earphones in and began my walk, everything was cool until after about 55 minutes when I noticed that the fruit and veg shop I was looking for was not anywhere in sight. I kept on walking for about 20 minutes and still could not see anything close to a shop. Part of me thought to go back home but a better part of me told me to hang on and look around. I eventually saw a lady and told her that I was looking for a certain fruit and veg shop. She was very kind lady, she told me that the shop had closed down about 4 years ago, which meant that the shop does not exist. I knew I was close to the city centre where I usually get my fruit supply from but I was not sure about what route to take to get there. I asked the lady if she could help me with the direction of how I could find my way to the city centre. She asked for my name and realised we had a few things in common, she was on her way to pick her little ones from school. Instead of her to show me the direction, she offered to drop me at the city centre which I was happy to accept. We got talking about life and in less than 5 minutes, I was at the city centre. I thanked her so much because what she did for me was out of this world. After thanking her she said  “please, put me and my family in your prayers”. I said alright, waved goodbye to her and her little daughter who sat at the backseat of the car. I was very happy to have met this beautiful soul and sad at the time that she must be going through some difficult times. I always pray that she find peace, happiness and fulfilment wherever she is.

Stop your vehicle to give way to a pedestrian

This event took place last summer after I had finished my walking meditation in nature and decided to pick a couple of things from the grocery store. I was feeling at peace, supercharged and blissed out because the walk I took had brought a kind of indescribable peacefulness to my soul. I felt as though, I was walking on clouds. When I got to the point where I had to cross over to the side where the store was, the traffic was heavy as it was rush hour and there was no pedestrian crossing in sight. Each time I made an attempt to cross the road, there was always a car coming. This went on for about 15 minutes and I calmly stood by watching the cars as they move by.  After a while, I noticed a heavy goods vehicle that was approaching and hoped he would be kind enough to slow down his car and give me time to cross to where I was going to. As his vehicle moved closer,the driver suddenly stopped, I looked at the driver who had a genuine smile on his face and beconed at me with his hands that I should cross. I mouthed the word “thank you” , smiled back and crossed to the path that would lead me to the store. I was not only happy that I was finally able to cross with ease but I was also happy that I was shown compassion by a total stranger, the kind of compassion that costs nothing. Every time this encounter runs through my mind, I go inwards and say a prayer of gratitude for crossing paths with this man and I pray he is living in happiness, contentment and  in good health.

If you enjoyed reading this post, please do share your compassion stories or experience in the comment section.


“If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy practice compassion” – Dalai Lama

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